YCWhatsApp APK is one of the other moded versions of GB WhatsApp. You can download the latest version of yc whatsapp apk from this website & enjoy the next level of messaging and video calling. This is packed with some premium features install this version instead of normal whatsapp.

Introduction of YC WhatsApp APK

YCWhatsApp APK is one of the messaging apps which has its base with the official version of WhatsApp. It is believed to have lots of amazing features. YC Whatsapp is customized and one of the most popular messaging apps.  The app is being used since it’s the only messaging application that allows people to make new friends. 

YC Whatsapp is currently the best known messaging app such  as soula Whatsapp apk, Whatsapp indigo APK and others. YC Whatsapp has various time Saving upgrades.  YC Whatsapp has more and additional capabilities to the software and enhances program’s scarcity and personalization. 

What is YCWhatsApp APK

It is the most useful and amazing communication and the most popular networking service. Billions of people make use of WhatsApp worldwide. The YC WhatsApp  security process has also been criticized. Many users believe that WhatsApp still lacks a number of intriguing features. 

The app creator’s are working tirelessly and putting in effort to strengthen security because they want Whatsapp to be safe.  YC WhatsApp is the modified version of WhatsApp. There are various Whatsapp mods online. Just like Instagram, users can adjust the interface and other display options.

 The use of it on Android smartphones is similarly free. It features many time and money-saving updates. With the first iteration of WhatsApp Chat, the two blue ticks indicating your most recent connection/online time can be concealed.. The security and customization of your WhatsApp APK Mod are improved by a mod for the application called WhatsApp that adds new capabilities.

An extremely reliable and safe third-party app, YCWhatsApp APk can only be downloaded from third-party websites.

You also have the excellent possibility to create an unlimited number of groups in the YCWhatsApp apk, which is quite helpful for business purposes.

Features of YC WhatsApp

File Sharing

File sharing is an essential function that makes users of WhatsApp want to use WhatsApp. However, with the basic function of WhatsApp there are restrictions on their size and number of files. With YC WhatsApp you can communicate and merge multiple files (video, picture and audio) . That maximum file size can be sent through WhatsApp has been improved.

WhatsApp has Two Themes

Green and dark (dark mode) . Almost all the app users will fill up the screen with the same screen. So the developer has integrated WA changing theme options. Many  useful functions are always available. 

Hide Viewed Status

The original Whatsapp has the last seen option to hide the last seen status. This is a frequently used feature because it protects the privacy of every user. It also doesn’t disclose the active status of a user. The feature is available on yc whatsapp

Rejection Letter

How does it feel when your app starts deleting previous conversations ? Even if you don’t have time to read it . It can cause curiosity as well as prejudice.

Blue Tick Hide

YC WA not only suppresses the double flag on communications but also hides your “seeing” from your WA friends’ stories. The sender’s WA will be verified for each message sent to your WA phone as a result. There are alternative ways if you believe the functionality is excessive which is removing the blue read check mark.


When you read an incoming Whatsapp message, the sender’s Whatsapp  message flag remains disabled. Hence, you are not required to respond right away because the sender is unsure of whether the message was read or not.

Download Story Easily

You can download a friend’s WhatsApp story using YC WhatsApp. There is no need to be concerned because downloading your friend’s story only requires a single click. Go to the WhatsApp folder to find the file manager. This process takes a long time.

Watch WA Friends’ Stories

It gives you a sense of dignity to read a friend’s story. Without worrying about the story’s author, you can enjoy your friend’s story. finding out or discovering. The hide status view method in YC WhatsApp can be used to accomplish this..

YCWhatsApp Download Version

  • First, open Android Settings -> Security Settings on your android devices.
  • Scroll down to device messenger app
  • Now after clicking on the file, it shows the installation of unknown apps blocked then enables the “unknown sources” option. 
  • Click on the download button to the ycwhatsapp apk download link
  • The file should be saved to the download folder of your device. 
  • Locate the file in your device storage and click on it. 
  • Tap on install and you’re good to go. Once done, open the app when it is successfully installed and start using. 

How to Install YCWhatsApp APK Steps

  • After downloading it, allow other sources to install from the Mobile setting and get it installed. 
  • After the installation process is done, you can easily log in with your number.
  • Get a verification code in the next two minutes
  •  Code on your smartphone.
  • Input the code, then you good to go

How to Video Call with YCWhatsApp? 

  • Open the WhatsApp chat with the number you want to video call
  • Tap the video call button

Open WhatsApp then tap the call tab≤ New call then tap video call 

What are the Features of YCWhatsApp? 

Several features that you might not have seen in the original WhatsApp are also available in YC Whatsapp. It has these characteristics;

Last Seen Status

The “Last Seen” status hiding feature is available in the original WhatsApp app. The user’s privacy is protected by this often used WA feature.

The developer then includes it in YC WA. While using the app, the user can optionally choose to hide their online status.

Sneaking on Whatsapp Friend Status

There is a sense of prestige when you want to read your friend’s story on YC Whatsapp. Even when we are fascinated about the story, we typically ignore it. Unsure of how to go past it?

You can read your friends’ WA stories without worrying that the story owner will find out if you use our YC WA mod application. Use the Hide Status View feature of the YC WA mod to accomplish this.

Send Large Files 

The crucial feature of file sharing is what attracts many users to WhatsApp. Unfortunately, there are limitations on file size and number with the original WhatsApp. File size and the number of files that can be delivered at once are both subject to file transfer limitations.

You can send several files (videos, images, and audio) over YC WhatsApp in a single message. Moreover, WA’s maximum file size has been updated and upgraded. Additionally, the original WhatsApp

Rejection letter

How does it feel when a conversation partner on WA deletes or becomes suddenly interesting? 

Yes, both bias and curiosity may result from this. YC WA keeps track of incoming messages whether the sender before them has read them or not.

Blue Tick Hide 

Your “seeing” is not only hidden from your WA friends’ stories by YC WA, but the double check mark on messages is also disabled.

The sender’s WA will be verified for each message sent to your WA phone as a result. There are alternatives if the functionality bothers you. Namely, by removing the blue “read” tick.

The sender’s WA message flag is grayed out when you view an incoming WA message. Thus, you are not required to respond right away because the sender is unsure of whether the message was read or not.

The WhatsApp has Two Themes

There are just two themes in the original WhatsApp: black and green (dark mode). An almost continual user of an app will grow weary of staring at the same screen.

Hence, the developer added a WA theme-changing feature. Whatsapp in New York already has a lot of helpful features. The typefaces in the WA app can be changed at any moment in addition to themes.

How is YC WhatsApp Application Different from WhatsApp? 

YC WhatsAppWhatsApp
it is not available on play store as the official Whatsapp didn’t make itIt doesn’t need access and can be downloaded directly from the play store.
It allows you watch your friend’s story without them knowingIt is available on Whatsapp
It allows you to watch your friend’s story without them knowingIt shows when you view your contact’s story


YCWhatsapp FAQ’s

One of the most well-known chat programs based on the official WhatsApp Messenger is YCWhatsApp APK. The Soula WhatsApp APK and this WhatsApp mod have similar functions. You can download the most recent version of YCWhatsApp APK.

A well-liked WhatsApp mod called Yc WhatsApp gives users a ton of wonderful capabilities that the standard app is missing. YC WhatsApp makes it secure and free.

When you download the YC WhatsApp app, you'll discover a number of unique features that aren't present in the original WhatsApp app. You may view your friends' WA tales on this altered version of the original app, which also hides or obscures your active status.

Absolutely, using the app is entirely secure. You don't need to be concerned about security or threats when using this software on your device.

Indeed, YC WA tracks incoming messages regardless of whether the sender before them has read them or not.